Program Overview

18 courses, 50+ hours of video training, and Excel & document templates
100% online, at your own pace, on your own schedule, with lifetime access
Earn in-demand skills from instructors with 22+ years of experience training
Career Paths include Sales & Trading, Asset Management, Wealth Management Treasury, Risk Management, Commercial Banking
What you will learn?
CMSA™ program will teach you the many asset classes, trading strategies, and procedures used in the capital markets.
The CMSA™ Program is designed to teach you all the skills you need to excel on the job as a capital markets & securities analyst.
Learn the skills used by buy-side and sell-side analysts at top global financial institutions.
The CMSA™ will give you the experience to make investment decisions and utilize appropriate trading strategies for different scenarios.
About this Specialization

CFI’s Capital Markets & Securities Analyst (CMSA)™ Certification Program covers the most critical knowledge and skills required to become a world-class capital markets analyst including equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, commodities, and derivatives. This CMSA™ certification program is the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be – from a beginner to an experienced world-class financial analyst with the confidence, and skills to match. This course is ideal for any student who wants to work in capital markets, whether on the buy-side or the sell-side. This program will give you the experience to make investment decisions and utilize appropriate trading strategies for different scenarios.


Prep Courses (Optional)

  • Financial Math for Capital Markets
  • Economics for Capital Markets
  • Bloomberg Essentials

Core Courses (6 Required)

  • Introduction to Equity Markets
  • Fixed Income Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Foreign Exchange
  • Introduction to Commodities
  • Introduction to Derivatives
  • Professional Ethics

Elective Courses (7 Required)

  • Trading Using Technical Analysis
  • Intermediate Options - Trading Strategies
  • Intermediate Swaps
  • Intermediate Futures & Forwards
  • Intermediate Fixed Income
  • High Yield Bonds, Subordinated Debt, and Loans
  • Convertible Bonds
  • Short Duration Products
  • Behavioral Finance

There are no specific eligibility requirements for candidates who want to pursue the CFI program. All candidates are eligible for registration and participation regardless of their background and level of experience. Despite this, it is understood that certification applicants are in the professional domain of finance or are pursuing an academic qualification in the same area of study. 

Frequently Asked Questions

CFI is accredited by the Better Business Bureau® (BBB) to maintain training standards, and by the CPA Institutions in Canada, and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) in the US for CPE credits. 

Reviews from students who have taken CFI courses and the CMSA™ certification program include numerous stories about how people have been able to advance their careers. There is a proven track record of CFI graduates marking successful transitions into the careers of their dreams and this is based largely on the resources that we make available to our students upon enrolment. Our training is designed to be fully practical and simulates the experience of being trained as a professional financial analyst. Additionally, we offer a wealth of information through our free career resources. The unique blend of all these elements is what sets us apart from other e-learning platforms when it comes to giving you all the tools you need to create a successful career in finance.

It takes an average of 4-6 months to complete the entire program. However, you are given the freedom to complete all of the training at your own pace! 

You will have lifetime access to the courses and all future upgrades. You can review the video lessons as many times as you like and complete the courses at a pace that is most convenient for you.

Students are required to complete an online assessment (MCQ's, Fill-in-the-Blanks, and Excel Questions) at the end of each course. You can take the exams at your own schedule and will need to earn at least 80% to pass the course and earn your certificate of course completion. Please note that course exams can be repeated as many times as you need.

While the courses are designed mainly for self-study, we are happy to provide email assistance for general or technical support inquiries.

You need to complete all the video lessons, quizzes, and final assessments in each course to earn your course certificates. The certificate will then be available on your student dashboard and also emailed to you as soon as you have completed all of the requirements.

As soon as you complete the program! After completing the CMSA™ program requirements (6 core required courses and 7 electives) you can immediately request your digital CMSA™ certificate to be emailed to you by submitting your completed program through your student dashboard.

None! The program tuition includes everything and there are no additional fees required to earn your digital certification.