Metaverse in Education

Education sector is expected to be substantially disrupted by Metaverse . As a technology Metaverse provides for virtualization of all physical elements used in Metaverse . Which is a big thing . Imagine if the technology converts all your chemistry laboratories in to virtual , Once can do unlimited experiments with out having to worry about stock of chemicals controlled by the store keeper !!You can break unlimited count of glass cylinders and test tubes . There is no heat , burns and no toxic gas that can suffocate you to death . And most importantly there is no explosion that turns in to a blast for you and institution .

It is not just chemistry as a subject that we can imagine with number of used cases of Metaverse . Lets think of learning history by taking walk through ancient Greece. Have a chat with Aristotle on his theory of earth , challenge Socrates on…. How about having a word with Tipu sultan on the wars he waged ? All these can be made possible by metaverse .

May it be Mathematics, Biology and economics , every field of study has lots to gain from adopting Metaverse . The concept itself is too good to be ignored . The question is will Facebook do all the heavy lifting that is needed o make all universe being replicated in to Metaverse and create avatars for infinite number of personalities and assets ? Can any single institution do this with out the world’s help ?

The least an education institution should do is create their own digital avatar . Virtualize the asset . Get the campus in to a digital entity . How about starting by creating digital entities on all participants ? Ask these questions

  1. Do I have a data base of all alumni students ?
  2. How do we engage with them ?
  3. Do we have a digital sketch of entire real estate ?
  4. Is all drawings , 3d images ready for the institution to create a digital avatar ?
  5. How digital is the institution today in its day to day running ?
  6. What forces student , teacher , other members of the community to come physically to campus ?
  7. Are you able to visualize a journey of your institution in Metaverse ?

Lets start these conversations ..We are here to support . Count us in your journey ..lets take one step at a time ..but for sure progress well .. Else there will be universe next to you where all actions are happening while you get extinct sitting with physical verse ..