Metaverse is expected to change the way we would design

Metaverse is expected to change the way we would design , develop and consume digital contents . The estimated market size  of Metaverse is expected to be 678 Billion USD by 2030 .  Lets take a closer look at what Metaverse means and how is it going affect our world


Definition of Metaverse

While there are many definitions floating around on Metaverse , we would like to articulate the definition of metaverse as follows 

Metaverse is a parallel universe that mimics , recreates and simulates everything that happens in the real world through digital avatar’s and digital estate

Access to this universe if currently envisaged through Virtual  Reality tech and soon to be developed Meta specific access platforms . Both VR ( Virtual Reality ) and AR (Augmented Reality) techs are developing a number of interesting propositions around Metaverse


Why would there be a parallel digital world to the real life world ?

In some sense this is already existing through millions of games and multidimensional creative contents . Games like Minecraft , Fortnight etc have already created their own parallel universe . Marvel and Disney had created them long time ago in our childhood . So how is this Metaverse different ? Unlike the closed parallel worlds created by Disney , Gaming Companies , and Movies – Meta is an open digital world . In this open digital universe  you can create your own avatars , new characters , build your own programs , create your own experiences etc . To be more clear , when Facebook happened , it had nothing new in term of technology . The chat , posts , friendships in online world etc all was already in place ..Yet it opened a whole new world of open content creation . Normal people could create contents and publish it . The revolution FB brought in to the world was opening up creation of digital contents . Facebook became the largest source of contents with out appointing massive editors desks and content creators . All Facebook did was just opening up the platform for content creation by any human bring around the world !

In similar fashion, Metaverse will be huge disruption for the world as we know today . It will virtualize the most unimaginable aspects of human experiences . We say the most vulnerable sectors for this disruption will be Education , Travel etc .. Lets wait to see what is going to unfold .

EDRONA believes the potential of Metaverse can disrupt the most unlikely sectors like Defense , Health care and Infrastructure . We will continue to track this closely to understand how this evolves and what business opportunities Metaverse brings to digital content field .


Stay Tuned